Homeworld: Interplanetary Migration

August 8, 2018

Greetings Traveler, from Dispersal Collective

Before you begin this journey, find a safe and loving space, a space where you will be undisturbed and feel comfortable. In a relaxed position, close your eyes. Breathe deeply but gently.

Picture yourself in a place you love and that loves you. Here you are surrounded by allies, guardians, and friends. You have been chosen by them to be here in this very moment, in this very place. This integral part of your homeworld resides inside your being. You carry it with you.

Attune your receptors to the energy emanating from the loved ones around you and from this loving space that you find yourself in. You are filling with this gentle energy. This energy feels like tiny wings tickling the air. Become aware of this energy and how it branches out in spindles that connect every cell, every atom that collectively participates in the formation of you.

This energy extends outside your being an connects to the place around you. It connects to the beings and the non beings alike, in glowing rivulets of energy like gentle dancing spiderwebs. A window in space and time appears and as you attune your perception to the frame, you perceive a homeworld where love and peace are abundant, and beyond that homeworld across the horizon in the distance, you see other homeworlds, spheres rounded by more spheres, orbited by more spheres, all filled with love that flows through the branches of energy like lightening that connects all of these homeworlds and their inhabitants.

You feel that indiscriminate love radiate through the multi-megaverse like rings forming at the drop of water on top of a placid lake. This loving energy cascades across your form. Your consciousness is flooded with understanding and harmony. An energetic information access opens to you.

You are released from the past so that you are free to co create the future.

The future is full of homeworlds in harmony with all other homeworlds.

When you are finished synthesizing these observations return to the place you began, the body you are in, and become aware of the space around you.

Thank you, traveler. We await your transmissions.

Best wishes,

Dispersal Collective

c/o Jason Berlin

10480 SW Eastridge St. Apt. #92

Portland, OR 97225-5047

More description of this project can be found here!

Homeworld: Interplanetary Migration

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