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August 12, 2018

Homeworld: Interplanetary Migration

Dispersal Collective
Homeworld (Interplanetary Migration)
You have been chosen out of infinite possibilities in the multimegaverse.
If you are reading these words your vibrational signature and eighth dimensional true essence has brought you to this specific moment in the time-space continuum.
Dispersal Collective seeks your dreams, cellular memories and vibrations in the form of images, words, and artworks for
Homeworld (Interplanetary Migration)
Call for Correspondence Art / Mail Art
Deadline: TBA

Mail to:

Dispersal: Homeworld
c/o Jason Berlin
10480 SW Eastridge St. Apt. #92
Portland, OR 97225-5047

Dispersal asks correspondence artists to address migration
through an imaginal and real lens. In the future, and already having occurred in the past, people perform interplanetary, intergalactic and inter-dimensional migration. You are migrating from your Homeworld, hometown and shifting your
state of being to a new planet, relative place or dimension….

Through images and/or words…
Share with us your dreams, cellular memories, and vibrations that you would like to add to the collective web of consciousness.
Include your name, website (if applicable), and contact info.
Work will not be returned but will be re-dispersed and all artists will receive a mailing from the show.

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